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Check here for all the hot news, rumors and insider information. Read the truth here first!

News as of 9/24/01

* The IWC Uncut Television show has a tentative debut date of Saturday night October 13th.

* We at the IWC are negotiating to open up the first ever Pittsburgh Pro Wrestling Complex. The facility will have 400 free parking spaces right out front of the building. It will be only 5 miles from downtown Pittsburgh and seconds off of the Parkway. It will be air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. It will be the first ever IWC training school for future IWC superstars. It will be two stories have a gym and locker rooms for the wrestlers. As we get closer keep checking back for more info.

* If you are interested in being a part of the inaugural training school e-mail us now, because we already have a waiting list of students.

* Who will Pro Wrestling Review bring in to the I.W.C. to battle Bubba the Bulldog?

* The Semi-Finals for the I.W.C. heavyweight championship are set for Saturday night at I.W.C.: Red White and Blue.....Orion, Crusher Hanson, Boomer Payne and Jimmy Vegas....wait a second...aren't three of the four wrestlers all a part of Damian Stockholm's stable??? What will this mean for Orion who just had a major falling out with them at the last show.

* Steve Corino WILL be returning to the I.W.C. very soon.

* How will Kid Sensation (formerly The Mantis) fair without his trademark mask?

* Has anyone realized that Shirley Doe has not only held his High Stakes Championship longer than any other indy wrestler in Western Pa, but has defended it on EVERY SINGLE IWC show!?

* We at the I.W.C. would like to wish Dirk Ciglar a very speedy recovery and hope to see him back in the I.W.C. in the future.

* It was good to see Armageddon make their return to the rings here in the IWC, it was also fun to see they brought the Spinarooni with them.

* The IWC talent pool has never been deeper as you can tell by the vast array of talent that have worked IWC shows over the last two months......we thank each and every one of them.

News as of 8/22/01

* Word has spread that the top rope breaking during the Freebirds 2000 versus Orion and Crusher Hanson match was not an accident. We are currently looking further into this matter.

* We understand that Bubba the Bulldog WILL be showing up on the Pro Wrestling Review show this Saturday night on WBGN at 8pm.

* There is a hot rumor that a major local wrestling star will be jumping to the IWC in the next couple of months..... hmmmmmmmm???????

* What ever happened to Powerhouse Hughes? The former IWC champion is recovering from a major shoulder injury.He is contemplating surgery. We wish the big man luck and hope he re-enters the ring soon....but not too soon for his own well being.

* How impressive have new IWC superstars Matt Vandal and Protege looked??

* Jerry "the King" Lawler in the IWC? You must admit that the IWC has had more big name stars at their shows in the last 7 months than any other local wrestling organization in it's history. The show at the Monroeville Sports Center is truly an opportunity to check out one of this businesses true legends.

* I hear that there will be plenty of IWC stars wrestling on the ECWA show this Saturday night in Mt Oliver. I believe they will make a great showing of themselves.

* In case you missed it. Dirk Ciglar is doing fine. Many of you were at the Emerald Room the night of his collapse. He has been given a clean bill of health and will flying in a IWC ring again very soon.

* In case we have yet to do so....although we are very
late....congratulations to Cory K anb Bubba the Bulldog for their dark match at Smackdown.

* Don't forget to check out our schedule of upcoming shows over the next couple of months....there is no question that the IWC will be coming to your area! Expect even more shows to be added soon.

* Here is the million dollar question: What about the IWC Uncut TV show? I am sure that at this point many nay sayers have written this whole deal off. But fear not....this deal is no where near dead. In fact the IWC wrestling show will be on a TV near you much sooner than anyone would think.....

* Finally, what is going on with the WWF and IWC? Keep your eyes open over the next few months as some of the WWF contracted developmental talents start making their way to the IWC....WWF stars of the future right here in the Burgh!

News as of 7/29/02

What will happen now that IWC Champion Powerhouse Hughes has failed to defend his IWC title in the last 30 days?

Expect more from the relationship between the WWF and the IWC. Look for more IWC superstars to be seen on WWF shows in the future.

With talented tag teams like: Atlas and Anjel, Sexual Harrassment, Nova and Kazarian, The Backseat Boyz and York and Matthews in the IWC, when will there be tag team champions?

Will we ever see the Bubba's back in the ring together again in the I.W.C.? "Bad" Bubba Brewer and Bubba the Bulldog?

Has anyone noticed that High Stakes Champion Shirley Doe is the only IWC Champion to defend his belt on every show and not lost???? Proving once again that Doe is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the area.

What message will be sent on August 4th at the Emerald Room????

NEWS AS OF 6/24/01

What is going down with the IWC?

You said you wanted new and exciting workers and we've brought it to you. In the last month, the International Wrestling Cartel has brought in Johnny the Bull, Evan Karagis, Samu, Nova, The Blue Meanie, Shawn O'Haire, Julio Dinero, Shane Helms, Minori Fujita, the Blue Meanie and Jasmine St. Claire on their shows. It just shows that when two organizations truly work together with the same goals the ultimate winners are the fans. This much named talent has not come through the indy scene in Pittsburgh in many years! A VERY SPECIAL thank you is extended to UPW for making this happen.

Look for a much closer working relationship between the IWC and Pheonix Championship Wrestling based out of New Jersey. HUH? You say? Well just wait and see and you will understand.

Did you see the other wrestling superstars that were at The June 22nd show? Playa, Brian Anthony and Big Bubba Brewer. How long before these superstars make their IWC debuts?

Is Shirley Doe the most underrated man in the Pittsburgh Wrestling Scene? The answer is quite simply ...YES!

Make sure you pick up this weeks Pittsburgh Tribune Review. The IWC is the feature story in this upcoming weeks "Ticket" section. It will actually be a pull out section that you can keep as a souvenier.

For those of you that are wondering about TV. There is one more thing to be finished before we go to post production. Expect the first shows to start running within weeks. Station details to follow!!

Make sure that you head on over to the WWF's Smackdown taping at the Civic Arena on Tuesday July 24th. There will be a very heavy IWC influence on the show. Who will REALLY be on that show?

What do Pittsburgh Steeler Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala and Pittsburgh Pirate Jason Kendall have to do with the
International Wrestling Cartel? Follow us and you won't believe your eyes!

Has local wrestling in Pittsburgh been any more exciting then this past Saturday's show at the Monroeville Sports Center? What a great facility and show!!

That's all for now! Keep and eye on the IWC! New things will be happening!

News as of 5/11/01

There's tons of action going on these days in the IWC. The next two months are going to be very exciting here in the IWC.

Of course, you probably know by now that Headshrinker Samu will be making his IWC debut the begining of June. It also appears that several wrestlers under contract with the WWF will be wrestling for the IWC before the relaunch of WCW.

In fact, it appears that the IWC will be their very last indy date prior to the launch. Contracts are being finalized as we speak and details will follow as they become available.

The IWC is now in negotiations with Terry Funk. We are expecting him to come in for the Pepsi Roadhouse television taping on Friday night June 8th.

The relationship between the IWC and the WWF turned a major corner today. We are not able to give details to the public probably until June -- but we can guarantee you that we are working on some major deals with the WWF that will take place in the month of July.

Finally, look for I.W.C. Uncut to make it's television debut in June. The deal is almost done, and it looks far better than anyone could have ever anticipated. The show will run on Saturday's right around noon on...........I guess you will have to wait and see!

News as of 4/16/01

Injury Report... At the Friday the 13th I.W.C. Massacre at the Emerald Room on 4/13/01, Mantis was the recipient of some brutal kicks from Hentai. These kicks resulted in a trip to the hospital for Mantis and a diagnosis of a bruised spleen. After 6-1/2 hours in the hospital and numerous x-rays, a catscan finally revealed a contusion to the tip of his spleen. The doctors said he will be our for four weeks. The entire I.W.C. orgnization sends Mantis its best for a speedy recovery.

News as of 4/12/01

The I.W.C. announces a partnership with the Pepsi Roadhouse!

The International Wrestling Cartel has finalized a deal to partner with the Pepsi Roadhouse in Burgettstwon PA. The Pepsi Roadhouse will become the Official home of the I.W.C. Television show.

The Pepsi Roadhouse is the premiere entertainment venue in Western PA. It has had many legendary shows in the past as well as upcoming shows with stars like, Ray Charles, Ja Rule and Billy Ray Cyrus just to name a few.

The Pepsi Roadhouse is now also the home of I.W.C. television. You will be able to catch all the stars of the I.W.C. the 2nd Friday of every month. The partnership between these two great organizations will open up many doors and opportunities for wrestling fans all over Western Pa.

Plus there is a whole lot more. The Pepsi Roadhouse is running a Wrestling Zone show Friday night April 27th featuring Balls Mahoney, The Sandman, Little Guido, Steve Corino , Gillberg, Big Sal, Bob Backlund, Lou E. Dangerously , Simon Diamond, Bubba the Bulldog and Dawn Marie just to name a few.

To celebrate the new partnership between the I.W.C. and the Pepsi Roadhouse all I.W.C. wrestling fans can buy tickets to this big show for only $15! That's right while everyone else is paying between $25 - $55 you will only pay $15. This is a way to say thank you for all of your support!

That's right only $15 to see all the above named wrestling superstars. More details will be given at the I.W.C. Emerald Room show on Friday night April 13th. This deal is only for I.W.C. wrestling fans in celebration of this great new partnership.

E-mail us at for all the ticket information for both shows. Make sure that you come out on Friday night April 13th to the Emerald Room. That is where you will find out all the information on getting your $15 tickets to the big Pepsi Roadhouse show.

The partnership between The Pepsi Roadhouse and the I.W.C. is a partnership that has truly taken pro wrestling in Western Pa. to another level. We are so proud of this accomplishment and we want to share it with you the fan.

Thank You

The I.W.C.

News as of 3/25/01

Well... last night was the the first taping of our brand new International Wrestling Cartel television show.

As many of you know, there were several wrestlers that showed up at the Emerald Room show last Saturday (March 17th) that chose not to participate in the IWC.

The question last night was whether or not those wrestlers would be in the stands again. And the ANSWER WAS YES! Sitting in the second row at the IWC Television Taping were Crusher Hansen, Boomer Payne, Dirk Ciglar and Jimmy Vegas -- BUT there was NO SIGN of Magnum.

What was going on? Were these guys going to be perpetual spectators or were they going to join the ranks of IWC????

Following a hard-fought battle between Super Hentai and Bubba the Bulldog, Damian Stockholm came to the ring running his mouth. This brought out Guido Corleone who blindsided Bubba and Hentai. Before we know it, over the ring barriers came Payne, Hansen, Vegas and Ciglar.

Unknown to anyone, this was all part of Stockholm's master plan -- and so the swerve began. Hansen, Payne and Vegas, turned on Ciglar, Hentai and Bubba to join forces with Stockholm and Corleone in beating down these three IWC Superstars!

I guess that was too much for Magnum to handle, as out from the back came a bat-toting Magnum. Everyone scattered, but Boomer Payne was not that lucky! A couple of shots with a metal bat later and Payne was feeling some REAL pain!

So the question that has rocked the Pittsburgh indy scene for the last couple of weeks has been answered? Would Magnum, Hansen and Payne join IWC? The answer was yes. But did anybody expect Ciglar and Vegas to join the IWC as well?

I guess the NEW question is... if THESE guys are wrestling for the IWC, WHO will be NEXT??

News as of 3/23/01

So!!! You've been reading those message boards have you? You are dying to know the inside scoop, are ya?

Well, here's a little taste... just a little!

IWC is the newest and hottest wrestling organization in the City. With it's own television show, it's posed for local, national and international exposure. That's right folks, this isn't your local mall wrestling anymore. THIS IS THE BIG TIME!!!

IWC will hold its house shows at The Emerald Room in McKees Rocks. It's televsion tapings will be held at RTN Studios in RIDC Park North.

IWCs first television taping is Saturday, March 24 at RTN and you can be a part of the history-making debut! Tickets are $10. For more information, write IWC at or call 412-559-6688.

See you there!


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