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IWC Results

Results from Deer Lakes High School on Saturday night Sept. 22nd

Sexual Harrasment defeated Armageddon
"Spotlight" Scotty Gash pinned Trevor Lowe
Jimmy Vegas pinned Matt Vandal
Chris Hero & Cuefa the Flyin' Hawaiian defeated C.M.Punk and Colt Kabana
"The Softcore Superstar" Dennis Gregory pinned "The Protege" Mike Christian
High Stakes Champion Shirley Doe retained his title over Kid Sensation in a falls count anywhere match
Crusher Hanson pinned Bubba the Bulldog
Orion pinned Devil Bhudakahan


Results from the August 4 Show at the Emerald Room

Matt Vandal won a 3-way dance ove Jimmy Yoder and Charlie Manson.
Orion and Crusher Hanson w/ Damian Stockholm went to a no contest with the Freebirds 2000.
The Mantis pinned El Tiburon.
Eric Extacy defeated Scotty Gash by DQ after Notorious Norm's interference.
Devil Dhudakhan defeated Geikijin.
Shirley Doe deafeated JT Rodgers in a submissions only match to retain the High Stakes Title.
Boomer Payne and Jimmy Vegas w/ Damian Stockholm defeated The Protege & Brian Anthony.


Results from the July 1st Show at Butler

Super Hentai won four-way over Brandon K Dirk Ciglar and Kid Sensation
Paul Atlas & Jimmy Anjel b Eric Xtacy & J.T. Rogers
Mad Mike b Scotty Gash
Orion b Chris Hero
Boomer Payne & Crusher Hanson & Denny Gregory b Trevor Lowe & Homicide & Cory K
Shirley Doe b Quinn Magnum in a tables match
Jimmy Vegas b Bubba the Bulldog
Treove Lowe won a 25-man Royal Rumble


Results from the June 31st show in West Homstead:

Brian Anthony b El Tiburon
Matt Vandal won three-way over Trevor Lowe and Protege
Paul Atlas & Jimmy Anjel DDQ Yoders
Zubov won three-way over Bubba Brewer and Mason Hunter
Bubba the Bulldog b Charlie Manson


Here are the results from IWC's June 22nd show at the Mornoeville Sports Center

1. J-Ru pinned Kid Sensation
2. Orion defeated Chris Hero
3. Jimmy Vegas pinned Bubba the Bulldog
4. Minoru Fujita beat Super Hentai in a best 2 out of 3 falls match (****)

A hilarious segment where Sexual Harrasment came out to present a trophy to the Sexiest professional wrestling personality. The Blue Meanie & Jasmine St. Clair were called to the ring by Harrasment, but then were swerved and the award was instead presented to Mean Mark Mest. After a brief double team, Meanie cleared the ring of Harrasment, and Jasmine made short work of Mark Mest with a blast to the nether region.

5. Shirley Doe beat Scott Gash in a High Stakes Title match
6. Backseat Boyz downed The Blue Meanie & Brandon K
7. Sean O'Haire beat Julio Deniro

Great crowd...great show...


Results from the June 8th Television Taping at the Pepsi Roadhouse. These are spoilers... so if you would rather wait until it's on television, then dd so. If you want to see the results, scroll down!

Paul Atlas pinned Scott Venom

Shirley Doe defeated Mad Mike to hold on to his IWC High Stakes Championship in a brutal Table Match

Nova pinned Bubba the Bulldog

Brandon K and Super Hentai wrestled to a TV time limit draw. Hentai remains the IWC Television Champion

Devil Budakahn pinned the Mantis

Bison w/Katarina Heiss lost to Jake Garrett via DQ which led to: Gator w/ Notorious Norm Conners vs Bison w/Katarina Heiss which was a huge brawl that ended in a double count out.

Quinn Magnum & Dirk Ciglar &Samu defeated Boomer Payne & Crusher Hanson & Guido Corleone when Samu pinned Corleone. Following the match, Jimmy Vegas attacked Samu only to be run off by Johnny the Bull.

Powerhouse Hughes pinned Chris Hero to retain his IWC World Heavyweight title.

Jimmy Anjel pinned Dale Price

Johnny the Bull pinned Jimmy Vegas

Homicyde pinned Trevor Lowe

Orion w/Dylan Dean (manager) pinned Evan Kuragas

IWC Copyright 2001, All Rights Reserved.